Monday, May 31, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This weekend, I did not lose my pants.

Let me rephrase- I did not lose my pants in my room, when I had just seen them the night before. I did not proceed to spend about 30 minutes digging through my room to find said pants. I had to wear them to work, cause it was going to be a 90 degree day under hot lights.

I did not find them in the laundry room when I went to grab another piece of clothing. I did not remember that dad grabbed all my work pants and threw them in the laundry room.

And this morning, I did not misplace my car keys. I’m not disorganized enough to lose things TWO days in a row! I did not dig through my room AGAIN to find them. I did not cry in frustration. I did not call dad to ask if he had seen them, only for him to tell me that I would not be driving the car that those car keys belonged to. He had that car. I did not remember that the night before he told me that I would have the other car. And I did not spend nearly 45 minutes looking for car keys for a car that I would not be driving.

I did not make my room into a god awful mess. I would never let it get out of control. It is not one of the worst messes I’ve ever had to deal with. There aren’t clothes strewn all over and papers cluttering the floor. I have not tripped at least three times this morning over my crud. While I’m slightly disorganized, I’m not this bad.

I am not panicking over my group project that is supposedly due tonight. I am usually very much in control of all my school projects and don’t wait until the last minute to make sure my group gets it together to get it finished. I will not be up until 1am making sure it is completed. I did not call a coworker to cover half of my shift so I could get more done. I would never sacrifice precious work hours to make sure school is completed.

What have you NOT done this week? Mortified to admit those crazy things you’ve done? Well no worry… you DIDN’T do it! Link over to MckMama’s page this lovely morning and write about what you didn’t do as well. It’s NOT a lot of fun! :-)


  1. I did not read this post and hence I did not LOVE it at all..And yes, this is not my first comment ! You are not fun at all ;)

  2. I have never ONCE left my car keys in the freezer. And when that DID NOT HAPPEN I did not wake up all my roommates when I finally screamed in frustration. Nope. Totally DID NOT do that.


  3. Hey Fin! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    What I did NOT do...well, actually I liked everything I DID do. My room is slightly messy. My jeans are all over the place (but that's because I've been trying them on to see if they fit and I'm getting excited that I can start fitting into the smaller ones!) but you know what...things are never as bad as you make them out to be.

    I do lose my car keys a LOT though. Man. And I have a clip but that still doesn't help. So no, I do NOT constantly search for my keys.

    Oooo. I did NOT forget my Vibram FiveFingers when I went for a 5-mile walk yesterday. I did NOT walk the 5-miler in flip flops. And my ankle does NOT hurt today.

  4. I did NOT forget to create the new webpages for work stuff. I know... that's bad.

    But everything you did not do is stuff I don't do either ;)

  5. I did NOT run around my house looking for my bag when it was on my shoulder the entire time. Oy.

  6. Mortification doesn't even begin to describe this weekend. And I lost my pants (and underwear) all the time. lol

  7. That does not sound like my morning!! =) Love your blog.