Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid!

I am not ashamed to admit it, but I consider myself to be more like a big kid than an adult. Not that I have anything against adults acting mature and responsible (even I have to do this every once in a while!), however, I just prefer to get down and dirty and have as much fun as possible! I don’t let age limits stop me from participating in activities that I enjoyed even ten years ago. Plus, by having that childlike demeanor, I feel like I am able to take more joy out of everyday situations. Not that I’m naïve, but one thing I’ve always admired about children is that most are able to see the positive in any sort of situation. Bad things happen, but most of the time children are able to roll with the punches and not worry nearly as much about fears consuming their whole being.

When I babysit or nanny, I believe it is fully important to actually play with the child. I have to be honest in that playing with a child is a much harder task than it used to be. Children have such vivid imaginations! They see a toy and can instantly create a story that evolves into something magical. And it’s like a psychic connection that children have, they can come together and make two different stories (because honestly, not every child thinks on the same wavelength) combine into something that works for them.

Currently I babysit a cute four year old girl and her two year old brother. She has such a creative mind and I find it very difficult to keep up and ‘pretend’ with her. But by participating in her stories, I find that my imagination continues to expand and that I think out of the box much more effectively than before. In a way, it keeps me feeling young! I hope that I can still feel this way twenty years from now, when that ‘young feeling’ is much harder to grasp when needed.

Some of my hobbies and activities I enjoy are kid based too, and in this case, I enjoy them without the presence of children around. For instance, I LOVE CARTOONS! I’m sure you noticed on my last post that I had a picture of Patrick from Spongebob.

Spongebob is an adorable cartoon from Nickelodeon about undersea critters. It has been on the air for about 11 years now, so I enjoyed it quite thoroughly even when I was 11 years old! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found themes, jokes, and ideas that are actually more ‘adult’ focused. I believe kids enjoy cartoons for the simple story lines, the cleverly drawn characters, and the simple jokes. But beyond that, they involve a lot of laughs for adults to enjoy too.

Another great cartoon that is only a couple years old is ‘Phineas and Ferb’. Created with that touch of Disney magic, it tells the adventures of two young boys that live each day in summer to the fullest, and their older sister who is always trying to bust her brothers for their daily creations. Filled with clever puns, good music, an excellent storyline, and humorous characters, it easily warms into the hearts of both children and adults alike. Below is one of my favorite episodes, namely for the song ‘Squirrels in my Pants’.

VIDEO GAMES! Oh my gosh do I love me some video games! Now, I do play video games that are structured generally for the 12 and up crowd (minus the Wii games, which are amazingly fun as well!). It’s just so fun to get into a game where you are another character and you have to undergo adventures and quests. Pokémon is one of my favorites! You start as a ten year old about to receive your first Pokemon so you can go off and take a journey to become the best Pokemon trainer in the land. Currently I have my own copy of Pokemon HeartGold that I still need to finish, however I’m just so busy my life that I’ve been neglecting it! I also have a love for World of Warcraft! You start as a creature questing to defeat monsters, enemies, and finding important information that is crucial to your race. You join up with other individuals to quest, if you so choose. There are also fun games to play within the game, such as capture the flag. It’s very addicting! Too bad I have better things to spend $14.95 on a month.

Last but not least, I’m just crazy, goofy, and I don’t let other people tell me not to be fun and out of the box. It is always so nice to make your friends laugh while using funny voices, pretending to be like other people, and telling amusing (if not redundant) jokes. Even though I’m 22, I don’t let the stressors of finishing college and deciding what I want to do with my life control and overwhelm me (all the time, occasionally it makes me feel a little anxious!). I feel good about my life.

Don’t feel afraid to let loose. Don’t let age restrictions keep you from enjoying activities you’d like to participate in. Take in all the joys and wonders life has to offer. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to be a little creative. In my opinion, it makes life just a little bit nicer!


  1. Great post! LOVE the makeover!! And I cannot STAND Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb!!!! Seriosuly they need to go back to school already!

  2. I feel like I'm a big kid too. And OMG has Spongebob really been on 11 years?? Now I do feel old. He's my favorite cartoon. I actually collect Spongebob stuff. I know this may be taking it a little overboard but hey like you said "I don't wanna grow up". My favorite episode is "Rock Bottom". And Patrick is awesome!!

  3. I love the makeover girl... WOW!! And i love Phineas and Ferb.... they are just awesome... I prefer to be a kid than being an adult. I grew up so silently that i didn't even know that i was growing up..... and now i just wish to get a chance to go back.... sighs.....

  4. OK so I notice your name is Rachel and you go by Fin... My name is Rachel and my last name begins with Fin... followed by two other syllables

  5. Came here through BlogFrog..I wrote about how much I hate Ben 10 and how much I adore Dora on my blog today! :) I am a grown up kid too :D Click on when you have a minute to spare! Loved your blog :)

  6. Love this ^_^ I am definitely a big kid. I love playing outside, lightsaber fights, pillow fights, giggly nail painting nights with my wife, watching cartoons (and I have noticed many that are definitely more for adults!), playing video and computer games (everything from family/puzzle to teen to adult. Love 'em all!)

    And I just love having fun. I think being an adult is awesome, because I *can* do everything I did as a little girl... Except now I am also married, which is the best thing and I have freedom and I can basically do what I want. So if I want to buy a barbie and play with her until four in the morning, I can darn well do that. :P