Sunday, May 16, 2010


I know I’m new to this, but I will soon be undergoing a blog makeover! One of my favorite aspects about looking at other blogs is to look at the variety of designs other people have created. I love all the colors, the frames, the fun and quirky pieces that make an individual’s blog unique to them. One of the things I almost had trouble with once I found a designer that fit my needs and my price was finding the right digital kit! Have you SEEN how many choices there are out there? It’s ridiculous! I probably sorted through at least a couple hundred, trying to find my taste in colors and extras. When I sent my email about what I liked specifically about the kit I chose, I must have sounded like the pickiest person ever!
Plus, it was a birthday present for myself :-3 heehee!

****Blog design is a hobby I would become interested in developing, so if any readers do this in their spare time and are willing to show the tricks of the trade, I would very much appreciate it! I have no experience in HTML and CSS.****

Also, I will be doing a better job of carrying my camera with me wherever I go. I have never really thought of myself being skilled in photography, but it never hurts to try, right? I read a lot of blogs with authors who seem to be very skilled in the art of Photoshop or Lightroom; I most certainly can’t afford those at the moment, but maybe in a few months I will get the opportunity to play with such wonderful photo editing tools. So, I hope you don’t mind the lack of editing!

****If you know any free or low pricing photo editing software that is good, you are welcome to tell me about it!****

Well, I hope you like the changes that will be coming forth! The pictures will be up pretty soon probably :).


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  1. I use Picasa 3, a free download. It has all kinds of "enhancement tools" you can use. Make your color pics black and white, sepia, one section real clear with the surrounding area fuzzy...all the things Mcmama does with that expensive program, you can do with Picasa 3. Check out my photos on my blog. This was a day on the River Walk in San Antonio. I'm nowhere near a professional photographer but I think with a little tweaking they look pretty darn good.