Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blah blah blah filler post :D

Where oh where have I been?

I continue to be given trial after trial.

Sometimes it's a pleasant feeling, knowing that God believes I'm strong enough to overcome these challenges to live out His purpose for me. Every year I've been able to list off the issues and problems I have overcome. Some have been easier than others, that's for sure!

This year, my health has been my biggest problem. I will not complain, for I read far too many blogs about young children with cancer, adults with horrid diseases that you can't even imagine... they continue to fight and persevere. They are my inspiration to keep going through a period of some bad health. Since January, I have been out of work for a month combined. I damaged my wrist in a bizarre work injury (I hit my wrist on a clothing rack- sooo dangerous!) and was in unbearable pain for a few weeks. Recently, I developed pneumonia. I struggle with making my illnesses a bigger deal than they really are, so I didn't say much about a cold that popped up. Thankfully, when I started getting a fever a week later, my boyfriend encouraged me to get checked out. Turns out I have pneumonia, and another week later... I still feel very weak. But I will keep on!

Enough with that!

On a lighter note, I am definitely becoming more confident and steady. I like where I am, even though sometimes I'm unsure the outcomes that await. I'm applying for graduate school soon! Holy cow; when did I become an adult?!?! I am almost 23, and yet I still feel (for some bizarre reason), like I'm in HIGH SCHOOL. I still live with my dad, who spoils me rotten (which I do appreciate, but find cutting those ties to be extremely difficult).

My classes have been a lot of fun, especially now that I'm in my last year of my undergrad. I finally graduated from the classes that pretty much taught me all the basics. Now, I'm learning to apply everything I've learned into my own thoughts and ideas. The ideas and principles are advanced, and there is a lot of direction there as well. It is amazing! I'm definitely thinking Child and Family currently... but things change! I can never quite seem to make up my mind... but that's how life goes!

Um... bye for now :D.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol!!!!

Yes- absolutely lovely 'getting back into blogging' random post time!

I am so glad American Idol is down to the final 12 (though it started at 13). Unlike most people, I honestly don't enjoy the preliminary rounds nearly as much. It's wonderful to find the background stories and listen to so many talented singers, but I find it's incredibly hurtful for those who are auditioning (and are maybe not as talented) to be exploited that way. I honestly wonder if they choose to have their song performed if they know they are bad, just so they can get the publicity (or maybe it's in the contract, that everybody has the possibility of being on TV).

I didn't get to catch the show last week, cause the lovely world of retail tends to steal many an evening of mine... but this week I had the honor of being sick with pneumonia so I got to finally see what the show is working with this year.

I have to admit, I'm very impressed! Maybe it's cause Simon is finally out that we have a wider range of the types of talent this season has to offer. I'm not super fond of all the voices, but that does appear to relate to preferences. For the most part, the contestants seem to know what they are doing and are rocking it.

Right now my favorites are Scotty and Pia! I will have to keep watching to see what else develops in the weeks to come. Scotty is my favorite because a) he has a deep bass country voice (SEXY!!!!!!!!) and b) he sings Josh Turner (see part a). It's really refreshing to see that true country drawl that just melts me instantly (though I'd rather take my boyfriend's sweet voice any day!!!). I'm not fond of Pia's name (does it stand for something? I'm too lazy to check), but her voice is strong and mature.

I loved Thia's voice too, but I don't feel like she did justice to Colors of the Wind. She can do so much more with her voice, I can tell! AND SHE'S ONLY FIFTEEN!!!

I'm seriously gonna try out for the show next year. My voice lessons have been going very well, and between that and singing in my church worship band, I feel like I have direction and focus. I know I can get up on stage and not let my jitters overcome me.

Life on the home front is ok. Today is my 11 month anniversary with my boyfriend! I'm at home with pneumonia, and today was the first day I actually felt good enough to sit for most of the day. The last couple days I was so run down that getting out of bed was a chore... and yesterday was my only real rest day (so ya... Saturday-Monday pretty much was horrid). Day 3 of antibiotics are finally helping me feel strong, but moving for more than 20 minutes knocks me out. No appetite too, but I'm hoping this will be the kick start of my weight loss.