Friday, May 21, 2010

101/1001 Day Challenge

Well, I finally decided to look into this whole 1001 day project that I have seen so many other blogs talking about. Within seeing about five blogs doing the challenge, I hopped on Google and found a website that went more into detail about what the project is. After a while of getting the idea, I played around with developing my own list. I also read many different lists, and every single one was different in ways unlike another’s. I thought it was very unique!

So, after thinking about what my intentions were, I figured this would be an excellent project to tackle. And because I’m so god awful at staying consistent with a project, I decided this would be a good segment to add to my blog. That way I am not only fulfilling a duty to myself, but I am also fulfilling the duty to you (my readers) that I will keep at this going strong!

I realize the concept of the project was not to finish every single list. Instead, the list has us examine what our goals, dreams, and passions are, and to start finding ways to make those things possible. Obviously, not everything on the list is going to be earth-shattering. Some of my goals are actually to try new things, and others are to do things I should be doing more often.

I think actually having the list will help me have a better ability to focus on my goals, instead of just having them stew in my head (it would be pretty easy to forget if I were doing that!). I believe it will be a pretty cool feeling to put an X next to a completed goal; in fact, thinking about crossing a goal off almost makes me feel more motivated to complete the various goals.

Anyways, I suppose I don’t really have a whole lot else to add on the subject. Once some changes come to the blog, all my posts specifically about the challenge should be redirected to a different page entirely. Enjoy!

1. Ride in a hot air balloon

2. Go skydiving

3. Read 100 books (1/100)

4. Write a song

5. Graduate College

6. Make a list of things to do before I die

7. Get a promotion

8. Save $5 for every task I complete

9. Keep a dream journal

10. Go camping with friends

11. Send Christmas cards to family and friends

12. Travel to Japan

13. Get my ham radio license

14. Run a mile without stopping

15. Volunteer for a charity

16. Learn to play another instrument

17. Move out of the house

18. Inspire someone else to make their own list

19. Finish a coloring book

20. Join a softball team

21. Go trick or treating

22. Be in a play

23. Go to a Tim McGraw concert

24. Finish Pokemon HeartGold

25. Buy all the Phineas and Ferb episodes on iTunes

26. Go on a roadtrip out west

27. Get to 140 lbs, my goal weight

28. Get off all my medications

29. Go to Build-a-Bear

30. Get 100 people to follow my blog

31. Stay in a relationship for at least a year

32. Learn how to paint my toenails the correct way

33. Grow my hair to my butt

34. Try 10 new coffee flavors

35. Write a whole journal

36. Get in a bible study group

37. Make a new best friend who is a girl

38. Start writing a biography

39. Storm spot a tornado

40. Get something I’ve written published

41. Find a full time job

42. Get an A in at least five classes

43. Go on a 75 mile bike ride

44. Write at least one blog entry a week

45. Send a letter to a friend I don’t see anymore

46. Go on a weeklong Facebook hiatus

47. Visit my grandma in Florida

48. Make a fleece blanket

49. Meet a famous person

50. Meet a blogger that I follow (that I already didn’t know)

51. Go to a family reunion

52. Be an extra in a movie

53. Give a friend flowers anonymously

54. Have a reunion with my high school friends

55. Host a party

56. Make a scrapbook

57. Have a slumber party

58. Go a weekend without technology

59. Visit my family in Lousiana

60. Make a video documentary

61. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years

62. Go water skiing

63. Make a five course meal

64. Go a month without buying anything that isn’t a necessity

65. Win a contest

66. Join a roleplaying game

67. Write a love letter

68. Try out for American Idol

69. Write a short fiction story

70. Get into grad school

71. Pay for an entire date

72. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day

73. Try escargot

74. Listen to music nonstop for 24 hours

75. Give a coffee shop a ten dollar tip

76. Go canoeing

77. Meet a family member I haven’t met yet

78. Be a vegetarian for a week

79. Finish a rubik’s cube

80. Save all my change for six months

81. Get my managers a thank you gift

82. Buy something on Ebay

83. Run in a marathon

84. Take a photography class

85. Buy a new camera

86. Score a 300 in Wii bowling

87. Cook a romantic meal for my significant other

88. Become a fan of a new TV show I haven’t seen before

89. Sing in a friend’s wedding

90. Be a sober cab

91. Be a part of a bachelorette party

92. Buy a little black dress

93. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

94. Go surfing

95. Go on a road trip in my state

96. Have a Disney Princess Movie marathon

97. Redecorate my room

98. Mentor a young girl

99. Learn a song on a guitar

100. Write a Letter to somebody that inspires me

101. Clean the whole house



  1. NIce list girl.. i loved the way you have started....... all the best for striking them out. I have been trying to create a list of my own soon.....

  2. I love all the things on your list, I have to admit that I might add a few of them to my List because its not quite full yet. :-) Stop by my blog and check it out if you'd like.