Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Today, I am not putting off my very last piece of homework for my class that finishes up tonight. It is not only five simple questions. In fact, I have not finished every piece of homework at this last minute for the entire duration of this class. I am not that careless! I need to get good grades! I am not debating putting the darn worksheet off until after work tonight, either.

I am not stressing about having two jobs and full time school now. I just started my second job last week and I did not even consider the fact that between that, my boyfriend, my other job, and non-stop school that it would be too much. I am not worried that I am in over my head.

I also did not forget to go to the bathroom before work yesterday. I didn't know I would be working four and a half hours without a break! I would NEVER forget even if I did! I was not doing the potty dance while I was closing the store, either. Nope! Not me! Never to the point where other people could laugh at me, let alone see me!

Have you done anything that you would be mortified to ever admit to anybody? Well, that's what Not Me! Monday is for! To prove that you 'didn't' do it! Go on over to MckMama's page and see what other people didn't do today, either!



  1. Oh man!! The pee dance! I am so bad at that! Wait until you have babies and you physically CAN'T hold it anymore!! haha, I NEVER procrastinate either. I can relate with you there!