Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blessings and Prayers

I'm sorry I haven't updated a lot. I really haven't done much in the last few weeks outside of being in the house, and I'm relatively sure you don't want to hear about my continuous pain! (To be perfectly honest, I'm pretty sick of it myself). I've found that finding happiness in the small things really is my best medicine. The more I focus on the pain, the more (as my boyfriend says) 'owly' I get. Factor in additional female problems and I feel like a monster!

Here are my blessings from the last week:
-I GOT MY TOENAILS PAINTED (yes, that really makes me that happy)
-Had lunch at my voice teachers house, had two little kids love on me, and watched Tangled
-Got to see a friend from out of town
-Got to chat with an old church friend about her hip surgery and what she went through
-My boyfriend is coming over to watch the Twilight Saga (per HIS suggestion <3)
-Got a new flexible ice pack

Right now it seems like my friends are few, but I'm at a rough age where many of us are really busy. People have been helping when they can and it sounds like many will try to visit me when I'm in the hospital. That will be very pleasant, as social interaction probably helps/relieves the pain more than any methods I can try for myself. 

My appointment with my new surgeon is on Tuesday. My dad and my boyfriend will accompany me, as they will likely be my primary caretakers in the weeks following surgery for recovery. Dad doesn't think it's quite as necessary for the boyfriend to follow, but I'd rather try not to third party any information that my boyfriend needs to know for the time being. Plus, it's additional comfort as I'm terrified about what information the appointment will bring (can't really snuggle my dad, haha!).

If you can send prayers, these are my current requests:
-Short wait for surgery (preferably before October)
-Minimal pain until surgery
-Approval of short term disability pay through work
-A good attitude no matter what happens

I hope that everything works out ok. Tuesday will be a crazy day; start of a new class, must contact work, call friends and family with more information, and work out any preparation details prior to surgery. And of course, I'll make sure I put additional updates on here :).

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  1. Good job finding comfort and fun in the little things! That will keep you strong. Been there....